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Back To Health Chiropractic in Muskegon

Checking patients reflexesBack To Health Chiropractic‘s first location opened in Zeeland back in 2006. Over the years, Dr. Tonya Westerbeke would always hear from patients, “I wish you had more offices!” They wanted their loved ones to see us, but couldn’t make the trip from other areas of western Michigan. To fill this need, we’ve established other locations. Our Muskegon practice opened in 2018.

Our Mission

To continue reaching out to our ever-expanding community with the sole purpose of serving others and helping our communities realize what true health and wellness is.

Enhance Your Natural Abilities

Our bodies were created by a force far smarter and greater than ourselves. We’re self-healing, self-regulating beings. When interference in the nervous system occurs, however, you can’t work the way you were intended to. As chiropractors, we remove this nerve interference so that your body can operate at 100%, the way it was designed to.

We love seeing miracles happen to our patients. It’s a privilege to see people enjoying great health. Know that staying there, however, takes work. Most of our patients come to us in pain but choose to have periodic visits to stay well after their discomfort has been eliminated. Since the stresses of life are ever-present, you must take steps to make sure that these stresses don’t affect your well-being. Chiropractic is a vital piece of that puzzle.

One of our patients was a man who had a disc-related issues. The sole breadwinner for his family, he worked in janitorial services and was trying to ignore the pain. The medical doctor said he’d need surgery and got him set up with an appointment for his surgical procedure. With a want to find another way, he came to our office. We told him to give it six weeks of care.

After four weeks, he was close enough to 100% to cancel his surgery, which would have kept him out of a job for three months. Just a couple of weeks later, he was back to working and taking care of his family. If he hurts himself at work, he gets adjusted to stay on top of it.

We’re here to support the well-being of all ages, from newborn babies with colic to great-grandparents that want to go about their daily activities without pain. We’ve been fortunate to help thousands of people achieve their individual health goals. All types of injuries and illnesses are welcome at our office. With our holistic approach, we can address your needs from head to toe.

To help you live the life you want, we’ll begin with a thorough examination. Through this process, we can uncover the source of your problem and create a unique care plan that’s right for you. Once determined, we’ll be your partner on your health journey, helping you regain your active lifestyle.

If your pain is curable, you shouldn’t have to live with it. We know it’s frustrating, overwhelming and feels unfair to have illness, aches and pains that plague you. We’ll listen carefully to you, empathize with you and determine how we can meet your needs. Every step of the way, we keep your goals in mind to make sure that you get the results you’ve been hoping for.

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