Chiropractic Testimonials

I Finally Looked Into Chiropractic Health!
"This past week I experienced my first adjustment, ever. I was desperate for some help for pain that I’ve had and after physical therapy and other methods to correctly my pain hadn’t worked I finally looked into chiropractic health. After two visits, I feel better than I have in a long time!! Thank you for giving me my life back!!"

– R.D.

A Real Concern for Helping People
"I love you all! Happy, Caring, and a real concern for helping people. Dr. Erin is my new Best Friend! Thank you to the moon."

– K.G.

Getting Back to Full Health
"Amazingly nice staff. Super helpful and gave me a glimpse of what they see without the x-ray results this far. Super excited to see how they will help me get back to full health!"

– J.H.

Everyone Was Super Kind
"Everyone was super kind and helpful throughout the whole process. I was very relaxed and feel confident in the abilities of Back to Health’s staff. I look forward to my next adjustment!"

– K.S.

I Feel Much Better
"After working with the rehab specialist at Back To Health Chiropractic, I had felt much better. The stretches she had shown me are easy and can be done at home. I’m glad I had the chance to work with her."

– B.A.

Pain-Free Within A Month
"I started my Chiropractic care in March 2008 because of the pain I had in my back, neck and leg. It’s been about one month and I am pain-free plus I no longer have heartburn. I’m very happy with these changes."

– L.H.

Thoroughly Impressed
"For my first time at a chiropractor, I was thoroughly impressed with the gentleness. Thank you so much! I know that I can be helped and listened to at this place! I look forward to my treatment."

– L.L.

An Amazing Environment
"The positive environment is amazing. Reviewing my X-ray with doctors was important and explanation of treatment allowed me to feel involved and ensured my best interest was the number one priority."

– M.B.

The Doctor Cares About You!
"The staff and Dr. Dorrin are very pleasant individuals. When Dr. Dorrin said that he could help me with my TMJ issues I could have hugged him! I’ve been dealing with this problem for years. He’s soft-spoken and very understanding. He listens to you thoroughly without any thoughts of just spending your money, he cares about you! Which now days is very far and few between. I enjoy this office very much!"

– R.W.

I’m so Hopeful!
"I have lupus and any doctors appointment that can be avoided, IS avoided. My migraines finally sent me here. Ashley was amazing, my X-ray tech robin was fantastic. My doctor, Dr. Weiss was even better. She confirmed issues that I could only describe as “wonkiness” and within minutes. I’m so hopeful that my relief will be found here!"

- V.W.

Put Me At Ease
"The staff was absolutely amazing! Every single person was very kind and super friendly, which really helped me be at ease for my first chiropractic experience ever. They took the time to listen, asked tons of questions, and were just excellent in general. I can’t wait to come back!"

– R.G.

Answer to My Prayer
"Thank you so much for the $40 introductory package of initial consultation, exam, x-rays, and recommendations. I’ve been wanting to get my daughter started with a chiropractor due to her ongoing back pain, but the other practice I checked with wanted $250 to get started, and I simply couldn’t afford that. Your offer was truly an answer to prayer! Thank you!!!"

– S.S.

Friendly and Easy Going
"Two days before our wedding, my husband threw his back out so badly that he could not walk! We called everywhere and Back To Health got him in that very day and fixed him right up so he was able to stand at our wedding. They continued treating him and I recently started going as well. Everyone who works there is super friendly and easy going! We are so thankful for them!"

– E.S.

Kind and Helpful
"Amazing clinic!! My back has never felt better and I always look forward to my appointments. Everyone is always so kind and helpful!"

– A.K.

"I was afraid of the chiropractor. But I needed to go and I knew it. I’m so happy that I found this place they are amazing!! Dr. Nick and Dr. Tonya are easy to talk to and they truly care about their patients! I highly recommend them and I have felt so much better going there. I love that when I’m stressed and sore they manage to get me in so I can function. Thank you again for all that you have done during this crazy time, still treating your patients you are all amazing!"

– J.D.

Professional and Knowledgeable
"Called yesterday with serious lower back pain and they got me in the office the next afternoon. Had been a previous patient so the process to get going was easier than I remember it being the first time. Fresh new faces didn’t make me nervous, everyone was so friendly and professional as well as knowledgeable. I am happy to say I’m returning to Back to Health!"

– M.M.

Feeling Incredible After One Visit!
"Dr. Tonya and all of the other staff was so knowledgeable, made me feel so welcome and comfortable, and I left feeling INCREDIBLE after one visit! I can’t wait to continue through my pregnancy and postpartum with the help of Dr. Tonya and all of the other incredible employees at the Zeeland office!"

– A.K.

"WONDERFUL STAFF!!! Friendly, helpful, and very considerate!"


"I was very impressed with the experience I had at Back To Health Chiropractic. The entire team was genuine and down-to-earth. I felt healthier before I was even treated. Thank you!"

– S.M.

"Everyone there that I interacted with enjoys helping others and is genuinely helpful and friendly. Very nice place!"

– L.S.

"The whole team is amazing! They always remember everything about you and your personal life stuff too."

– A.C.

"The staff was super nice and understanding, they even help me understand things better! So glad I’m going to them."

– K.M.

"Used to be a patient several years ago and I am looking forward to working with your company again. You’ve always have been caring and supportive. Thanks."

– S.F.

"On my first visit everyone was very friendly. I feel very confident that BTH Zeeland, can help me! I was a bit nervous going to my first chiropractic appointment but from the minute I walked through the door the environment was bright and cheerful. That atmosphere really helped me to relax and have confidence in their ability to help me!"

– M.K.

"I was pleasantly greeted on the phone, felt welcome when I walked in the door and had saw an amazing doctor who gave me a thorough exam and gave me his undivided attention. Top notch. Thank you."

– K.K.

"Great experience for my first ever visit to the chiropractor. I highly recommend!!"

– G.W.