Chiropractic Portage MI Therapies

We hope this article will help you to gain a better understanding of the amazing things that chiropractic can do. Here is a list of the different therapies we offer.

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Myofascial Release:

A hands on therapy that involves a pinning and stretch of the muscle to help reduce muscle tension and tightness.

Therapeutic Exercise:

The therapists will do an assessment of your movements and muscle functions and will then assist you through individualized stretches and exercises that you will take home and work on in order to get your body working and moving in correct ways. The 1st appointment is 2 units (charged as such) to ensure the therapist has enough time with you during your assessment. Going forward, you will be with the therapist for 1 unit(charged as such).

IASTM: (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)

The therapist will use a tool and some coconut oil to help break up knots and adhesions within the muscle tissue.

Muscle Stim:

You will be hooked up to a machine that sends an electric impulse into the muscle to help relax muscle tissue and reduce spasms and tension. It will feel like a prickling sensation.


The therapists apply kinesiology tape to reduce inflammation and swelling and to help support muscle movements.


The therapists use a handheld machine and ultrasound gel to help increase localized circulation into the area of discomfort. It helps to reduce swelling and improve blood flow into an area, which helps with the natural healing process of the body.

Proprioceptive Training:

The therapists will assist you on a vibration plate that will help to turn on nerve endings within the muscle tissue to stimulate and improve the brain/nerve connection.

Cold Laser:

An infrared light therapy used to assist and promote healing and stimulate energy production in the cell. Usually, patients do not feel anything during treatment because it takes multiple sessions to build up in the tissue.


The therapist will set you up on a machine where you will feel a gentle pull on your spine to help gap the joint and take pressure off nerves.


The therapist uses cups that suction to lift the skin off the muscle tissue to help bring blood flow and other fluids to the area. This helps with inflammation and pain and improves mobility.