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Back To Health Chiropractic in Zeeland

Dr Tonya pointing at computer screenIn August 2006, Dr. Tonya Westerbeke opened Back To Health Chiropractic. The first of our locations, it soon became apparent that there was a need for more like-minded chiropractors and clinics around Michigan. So many patients would tell our team, “I wish you had another office where my family and friends live so they could come to you!” Before long, Dr. Tonya met incredible doctors who wanted to provide the same type of quality care to families and individuals.

In 2017, our chiropractic office in Portage was established. A year later, Back To Health Chiropractic opened in Muskegon.

Where might we be next? We believe that Back To Health Chiropractic will be the premier center for chiropractic in the entire state of Michigan.

Why Choose Chiropractic?

When growing up, Dr. Tonya was kept from doing so many things due to back pain and migraines. She had to pass up on numerous opportunities because of her discomfort.

No child should ever have to experience pain, particularly spinal-related pain, because there is an easy solution.”
Dr. Tonya

So often, people struggle with neck pain, back pain, headaches and other challenging conditions. We want everyone to know that there is another choice: chiropractic.

Your body was created to self-heal and self-regulate, by a force that was far smarter and greater than ourselves. By removing interference to your nervous system, your body can work the way it was meant to. When free from interference, you can experience miracles.

Getting Well and Staying There

Just like anything else worth having in life, keeping your good health takes some maintenance. Though chiropractic can get you incredible results, you want to continue that progress. You’ll return to your desk job or taking care of your family. All of our everyday tasks involve stress that cause nerve interference. After we remove the interference (also called a subluxation), your body can heal. To help it stay that way, you can see us for periodic checkups that will ensure your high levels of wellness remain.

One of our patients was a mom who had suffered from migraines for more than 25 years. She couldn’t remember a time when her migraines didn’t affect our life. Medications, injections – nothing made a dent in her pain. She was absent from work, snapping at her husband and children and was missing out on life. The woman came to Back To Health Chiropractic and got on a treatment plan that involved adjustments, muscle work and therapeutic exercises.

After receiving care, she took herself off all medications and no longer does injections. Not only has our patient saved a tremendous amount of money and energy, but she has improved her life and relationships.

To continue reaching out to our ever-expanding community with the sole purpose of serving others and helping our communities realize what true health and wellness is.

Chiropractic is a natural choice that doesn’t involve drugs, surgery or any other invasive means. All of our chiropractors can address your needs from head to toe. You can think of us as your guide on your journey to incredible health. We’re proud to have assisted thousands of people in our community and the surrounding areas.

Use Your Insurance Coverage

We are in-network providers with nearly every insurance plan, including Medicare. Call or email us today to schedule your first appointment!

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